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Threatened Species Project (Omeo Gum)


!000 seedlings located in the Upper Buckland Valley.

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Ovens Buckland confluence (Stage 1 & 2)


In July an enthusiastic group planted 100 very heathy redgums along the south bank of the river. This was to add to the 3000 plants we put in last year . The deer and other wildlife are knocking the trees about a bit but overall things are looking great with trees really coming along. This added to a smaller group who did some all-important maintenance on the north side. The transformational change on both sides of the river there from what it was (invaded by woody weeds and introduced trees) is amazing. Martin Patterson has donated another 50 redgums from his collection so they will go in soon on the north (Telford’s) side. NECMA is coming back in Spring to do some follow up woody weed control on the site.

Ovens River South Bank (10)[677].JPG

Ovens Buckland confluence (Stage 3)


We are quietly confident we will receive a grant enabling us to value add to the great work we have done there over the last 3 years. This will involve the Porepunkah School and NECMA would manage the woody weed control.aragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Murray- Darling Healthy Rivers Program

Weed control and revegetation along the Ovens River between German Creek and Bright

UOVLG Bright Market Stall

Help us monitor our local water quality by becoming a

Waterwatch Volunteer

We are at the Bright markets every third Saturday. A geat opprtunity for us to engage with the community and for you to renew your membership, gather information or chat with our people. Volunteers Welcome! contact Leonie

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